¿Who are we? (PowerPoint)


-ASEM- (Asociación empresa-mujer, Business-women Association) which, as its name expresses, gathers a group of businesswomen, was founded in 1996 by a group of women with common professional interests, whose first target was to share their experiences in the world of business. Nowadays the Association includes 212 members all over Asturias (Spain).    

Its members belong to very different sectors and branches of activity: industry, trade, hotel business, education, craftmanship...

The philosophy of the Association is the support and defence of human, social and professional values of women both as a professional and as a businesswoman. ASEM  also tries to foster a spirit of cooperation and help among its members, trying to develop a climate of unity in action and efforts between all of us. In short, ASEM tries to search the synergy derived from this union because the sum of every part is, in the world of business, something more than the whole.