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  Presentation  coordinator  ASEM.

       This is an initiative of ASEM, performed thanks to the collaboration agreement reached with the Consejería de Trabajo y Promoción de Empleo del Principado de Asturias. 

Woman promotion in their professional or business side is the basis of this project, which tries to be a window to make known our professional and business activities, and spread them beyond regional borders, trying to create a businesswomen network thanks to which a collaboration between different sectors, associations, regions, countries... can be reached. 

In Spain there is an important underdevelopment in the use of Internet in comparison to most of the countries in the European Union, which can be possibly quantified in several years. The investment per capita in the technology of the information is too low for the economic level of the country, although it is increasing at a higher rate than our surrounding countries. The project is based on the use of the new technologies of communication at the service of business interests, in order to perform an outside projection of the interests of Asturian companies. 

Every participating company will have the opportunity to display its products and enjoy equal opportunities, that is, the physical barriers or the impossibility to attend the event due to causes derived from our own activity disappear, as all the companies will have the same tools for displaying their products.  

On the whole, we believe it will become a qualitative and quantitative step forward in relation to the previous Fairs. On the one hand, our intention is that the number of participating companies be higher than in previous editions and, on the other hand, that it covers the highest possible number of sectors. Another aim is the presence of other Associations, companies, sectors... We want to become a communication and cooperation network. 

For all these reasons, we invite all the companies managed by women to participate.