Targets of the fair in PowerPoint.

        The purpose of this Virtual Fair is that Asturian companies may discover the wide range of opportunities offered by Internet, as well as trying to foster the Asturian market and show the great potential of our region to the rest of markets. 

Our objectives are: 

Ø      Promoting companies with a minimal cost

Ø      Facilitating participation as there are no movings

Ø      Facilitating the contact with national companies

Ø      National projection of the company

Ø      Direct Internet web links with each stand and advertising of the participants’ web.

Ø      Promoting the image of the Principality of Asturias with a minimal cost 

To sum up, as in traditional fairs, the aim is generating sales, acquiring new contacts, introducing and promoting new products and services, fostering the corporate image, creating current customers loyalty, developing a quality control of our service, analyzing the market and competence, supporting and attracting distributors or collaborators, entering in  markets outside, fostering public relations with the media.